What’s your favourite camera?

Once again I’m participating in peoples photography, which is a community based exhibition around St. Stephens green. I will be there as part of a group from Boards.ie, the photography forum section. A whole heap of people display their photographic work on the raili of the green, from amateurs to pros. All in all, it’s one big fun filled weekend, spend with friends, quite possibly with a big fat picnic!

As part of my display, I’m looking to do something a little bit different and I need the help of the public. I won’t tell you yet exactly what I’m doing, for that, you’ll just have to make your way over to the green during the last weekend of august.

I need you to tell me the following:
*What is your favourite camera?*
– the most iconic
– the prettiest
– your one time all occasions trusted one
– thé camera of all cameras
– ….

There’s only one condition: it has to be a film camera! (yes, I know, elitist and so forth).

Enter your favourite camera by adding a comment, tweeting me @sNarah or email sNarah@Facebook.com



6 thoughts on “What’s your favourite camera?

  1. Simon Fitzpatrick says:

    Oh that’s a tough one … I’ve had lots of film cameras through the years and then there is the classics … such as the Box Brownie which has to be one of the greatest cameras of all time … and my favourite images come from Deguerreotype Camera’s … but I’m going to have to go with one I know personally …

    I can barely remember the different models I’ve owned … I know I have a few from Yashica and Minolta models … my first SLR was an Canon EOS500 bought second hand in Buenos Aires after dropping my P&S Canon Sureshot into a live volcano (whilst running away from some molten lava flying in my direction)

    I like my current film SLR the Canon EOS3 … but I’m going to have to go with the Olympus Trip …

    This baby – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympus_Trip_35

    Mostly for the following sentimental reasons … I never actually owned one myself but my sister had one which she sold to my best friend just before he went to college to study photography … when we were about 17 years old. I used it a good bit too …

    My reasons –

    – It was born the same year as me 🙂
    – It was the first camera where I ever used a manual setting
    – I still remember how it felt in the hand … solid … like something that could survive a direct nuclear strike
    – It handled beautifully (from what I recall).

    Anyways .. my 2c

  2. yarglags says:

    That’s an easy question. It’s the answer that’s difficult. My favorite changes all the time. At the moment my Kiev 4AM is winning because it’s just a beautiful quirky lump. For practicality the Olympus XA is a great little machine. The Trip certainly is iconic but there’s so many more to choose from. http://pix.ie/yarglags/album/405048

  3. Gillian Eva says:

    Mine might sound a bit lame compared to all the suggestions of ‘classics’ you’re gonna get but..

    My favourite film camera is the Fujica stx-1N. Cause it was the first camera I chose and bought all with my own money. I’d outgrown the wee 110 and 35mm happy snappies that mum used to furnish me with and I wanted a ‘real’ ‘grown up’ camera. It was languishing in its little metal flight case with its flash and two lenses in the window of a local camera shop in town and every lunch time for weeks I’d trek down from school to stare at it through the window, pawing at the glass as I imagined all the adventures we’d have together. I sold *everything* of value I owned [books, tapes, my guitar!] and finally, I made it mine. I can’t say too much about the time when years and years later when I was in college, some scumbag broke into our house and stole it – still [16 years later] too emotional…! 😉

  4. aafke says:

    Hey, would you only want classic camera’s?
    Not too long before the digital era i used one of those big Canon canons, the ‘epoca’ . It’s not really ancient but yet looking a bit modern retro…..
    Obviously it was very popular in the Netherlands, although i bought it while on holidays in Germany where it was much cheaper than in NL. People would be asking “Is that a video camera?” Regular answer: “No, it’s not, but it shoots and does take film”

    When googling for an image i came across a youtube video and quite some Epocas for sale online for ridiculous low prices. (mine is not for sale, but if somebody wants to try it someday…feel free)

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