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I joined the Social Democrats in 2016.

A new force for change in Irish society

The Social Democrats are setting out to launch an ambitious and exciting opportunity for real change in Ireland, and in Irish politics. We aim to provide a space for people to unite and work towards a society where every person has the opportunity to achieve their potential.

The party is founded on the core principles of Progress, Equality, Democracy and Sustainability.

We are prioritising policies that:

  1. Support a healthy, inclusive and progressive society.
  2. Ensure a strong, stable and vibrant economy
  3. Make politics and government more transparent

I’ve experienced first-hand how effective public state services can be provided and I strongly believe that the state should have the responsibility, and keep the ownership, of public services.

I’m an elected member of the national council, representing Meath East.

I am also the Local Area Representative for Stamullen, Co. Meath in the Ashbourne Municipal District. I want to work for better public services in the local community and want to live in a strong, cohesive village where everyone works together regardless of (political) backgrounds.

My focus is on building active connections in the local community, leading to people working together towards a fairer, social and more inclusive society.

Other campaign points for me are:

  • Universal, single-tiered healthcare
  • Equal access to education
  • Affordable childcare
  • Empowering women in the workplace & Pay equality
  • Separation of church and state
  • Campaigning for choice in pregnancy & childbirth
  • Women’s rights

In the words of a local man during one our canvasses:

I’m a blow-in getting stuck in.