Flavours of Fingal

Last Saturday myself and the mammy-in-law (kinda) trotted off to Newbridge House in Donabate for the second edition of Flavours of Fingal. The event offers a showcase of some of best companies in Fingal, including a lot of the producers I’m very keen on. It’s organised by Fingal County Council and I can imagine pulling it together made for a lot of stress and a lot of grey hairs… Nonetheless – it was superbly organised and a lot of fun!

After struggling a bit to get parked and taking the shuttle bus down, we wondered around the area with dog-agility shows and cattle. Amazing how wee cute Jack Russel’s jump through all the hoops and tunnels! The cattle were rather impressive as well – one enormous Belgian Blue could fit about 7 of me!

After that we strolled towards the walled garden, passed the education stands (which included Irish wildlife, falconry and fish) and went to visit the local producers of Fingal. My all time favourites were all present:

(Yes – I know my potato bias is showing here!)

We tried some of the new Keogh’s Sweet Chili crisps and were asked to give the Country Crest mascot a new name (I couldn’t come up with anything remotely original – but the good people over on their facebook page are much better at it than I am!). I also got a lovely new pair of potato scrubbers and took home 2 of the Country Crest New Irish potato boxes, which were only delicious! After that we stocked up on strawberries and got the fantastic fruit platter from Keeling’s – which is widely available in Tesco’s nationwide and definitely worth the fiver.

The walled area of Newbridge house really makes for a nice setting – especially with foodstands left and right and with live music playing. We were in for a treat with Pat Collins Gypsy Jazz band playing the perfect background music. After a yummy crepe from (um) Mr. Crepe, we got talking to a lovely chap from Donnelly’s who gave me one of their new Stir Fry sets to take home and try.

So – a quick stir-fry did indeed ensue and it’s yum! We tried the Oyster & Soy Noodle kit, added some chicken, spicy peppers and broccoli and I can testify its goodness! So grab yourself one of their new range kits when you get the chance!

We really enjoyed the day out – somehow the weather was with us on this one too – and I’m looking forward to next years edition! Thanks Fingal Co.Co and all the producers for providing a fantastic event!

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Thank you @herdotie & @BlogAwardsIE Longlist is Published!

An odd week in which my project #31 isn’t going great – I am now officially 7 days behind, but luckily do have 4 days almost ready so time to catch up with myself! Finding a topical subject each days turns out a bit harder than originally anticipated, yes, news enough but some of it (the more darker side of our world) is not really compatible with my happy, silleh drawings…

But, onwards to lovey things: 2 big white envelopes arrived to the door this week, stuffed with a years supply of Sally Hansen leg foundation! (For those without a clue, leg foundation is only the best invention ever for us skirt-and dressrocking girls!).I’m aware that the concept of “make-up for you legs” sounds rather odd, but trust me, when rocking high heels and a lovely summer dress, it makes all the difference!

I was lucky enough to win this great prize when Her.ie were having a big birthday bonanza for their first anniversary so a big thinks to the whole team there.


In case you’re not familiar with Her.ie (which I doubt!), it’s an Irish website stuffed to the nines with all things girly – from Celebrity gossip to beauty and health. Their staff consists of a whole myriad of influential bloggettes and they sure know their business. They also do regular giveaways so make sure to follow them on Twitter! You’ll find them over at @herdotie.

In other news: this wee blog make the longlist for this years Blog Awards in the “Best Personal Blog” category, which I am off course chuffed about! I do realize that I’m in amazing company in that category and even more so, some very fierce competition, for making it the next rounds. I will be attending the awards regardless so I’m hoping to come across many of you there!

Following later this week will be a small post on the #SligoWhoKnew campaign and how great it’s doing, more of my daily (ha!) topical drawings and next week we have National Potato Day to look forward too – for which I might have something up my sleeve!

Project #31

Project #31 by sNarah

Project #31 by sNarah

August – 31 days – 31 topical drawings- By me – Keep myself challenged and all.

(Or: oh dear jeebus why do I do these things to myself!?)

Local Produce of the Month: @NewgrangeGold Rapeseed Oil

Chili & Garlic Rapeseed Oil

Chili & Garlic Rapeseed Oil

Yes – I know – I should be showing off some of the yummiest premier New Irish potato’s here this month, but alas, we kinda already ate them all!

So, onwards to something else, which in fairness does make an awesome combination with pan-fried spuds. Last week, a bottle of Newgrange Gold rapeseed oil made its way into our house, in the delicious garlic and chili flavour. The oils are pressed and produced in the Boyne Valley, Co. Meath from acres and acres of luscious rapeseed fields.

This interview from RTE’s Radio 1 gives some more background on how it’s made:

On the Newgrange Gold website, you can find a nice selection of recipes involving using the rapeseed oils, but in this case I’d recommend keeping it real easy: boil some news spuds, pan fry them and add a generous sparkling of the Chili & Garlic oil. Patatas Bravas, Irish style!

Want to try some for yourself? A list of shops stocking Newgrange Gold can be found here.

Everyone’s #GoingDotty at the @DotConf

Time for yet another edition of the ever so fabulous DotConf, organized by the good folks over at the National College of Ireland. Having attended the previous events, I can guarantee you that out of all digital conferences, this is the one to be at!

Work deadlines permitting, this is also were you will find me this Friday, so if you’re around, come say hello!

For the full line-up of speaker and deepdives, you’ll find more here and the hashtag for the event is #GoingDotty.


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Recipe Index Cards

I collect recipes and like any good housewife would do, keep an alphabetized excell sheet and a folder in which I keep them. Some things however, don’t quite fit into my filing system so they get special tabs. And off course, you can’t have special tabs without a proper coversheet. So I made myself some. They’re free to use if anyone can use them, just download them!