{Advertisement} Berocca Boost Camp Ninja’s

So… Consider yourself a bit adventurous? Maybe have self-proclaimed superduper spidey-skills? Do your friends refer to you as “The Ninja from Balbriggan”? Have a look at the Berocca Boost Ninja competition (hosted on Facebook only), where you can win a trip around the world for 2.

Basically, everyone who enters will have to show why they have the best ninja-spidey-skills and from that, 4 contestants will push through the next round. Those 4 will take part in an action-filled boostcamp day, where their mental and psychical abilities will be put to the test. Then it’s up to the public to decide who is the most awesome Berocca Boost Ninja. Simples!

You can sing up through the Facebook application – or try one of the challenges from the competition: How many Berocca Boost tubes can you find in this video!?

Disclaimer: This promo is blogged on behalf of the good people behind the Berocca Boost Camp. That said, it’s a pretty awesome competition.


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