A constant changing list of things that I want to do. At some point in my life. Maybe. Or definitely.

Go to Australia.

Make my own cheese.

Be fluent in Irish.

Be fluent in Spanish.

Go to the Golf Open.

Run a marathon.

Travel to the Moon.

Travel to Mars.

Learn logic (maths).

Learn to code.

Befriend a fox.

See an eagle in Ireland.

Have kitteh.

Get published.

Write a children’s book.

Make haggis.

Brew my own wine.

Drink a dry martini in NY.

Go to NY.

Travel America.

Travel the World.

Ride the Transsiberian Express.

Go to Vladivlostok.

Live in Arhus.

Build a Lego house.

Make my own camera.

Buy a house.

Have babies.

Run my own company.

Have a market stall.

See the big 5 in Africa.

Grow my own vegetables & fruit.

Learn InDesign.

Go to CSE in Vegas.

Go to Vegas.

Get married in Vegas.

Organize a StreetFest in my village.

Own a Volvo P1800.

Get my motorbike license.

Buy a cafe-racer motorbike.

Meet the Aga-Khan.

Learn to play the bodhran.

Live my life by the rules of Peter Sarstedt’s “Where do you go to my lovely”.

Go to Comic-Con.

Go to a match in Croke Park.

Attend the Olympics.

Publish a magazine.


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