Citizenship Application Part I

Step 1 has been completed to become an Irish citizen.

The form is away. Now we wait.

Cost incurred so far  €233.70

  • Certified translation of birth certificate €32.70
  • Passport pictures €6
  • Solicitors fee for statutory declaration €20
  • Non-refundable application fee €175

What it involved:

Filling out a 16-page form listing my addresses and employment in the last 9 years. Stating that I’m not a terrorist or have ever been involved in any crimes like genocide. Details on my family.


  • Making a lot copies: bank statements, utility bills covering a period of 5 years, payslips and identification documentation.
  • Requesting written confirmation from my employer that I effectively work there.
  • A visit to a solicitor for completing the statutory declaration and making a certified copy of my ID-card.
  • Asking 3 Irish citizens to act as a reference for me (thanks Col, SMC & Catherine).



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