Thank you @herdotie & @BlogAwardsIE Longlist is Published!

An odd week in which my project #31 isn’t going great – I am now officially 7 days behind, but luckily do have 4 days almost ready so time to catch up with myself! Finding a topical subject each days turns out a bit harder than originally anticipated, yes, news enough but some of it (the more darker side of our world) is not really compatible with my happy, silleh drawings…

But, onwards to lovey things: 2 big white envelopes arrived to the door this week, stuffed with a years supply of Sally Hansen leg foundation! (For those without a clue, leg foundation is only the best invention ever for us skirt-and dressrocking girls!).I’m aware that the concept of “make-up for you legs” sounds rather odd, but trust me, when rocking high heels and a lovely summer dress, it makes all the difference!

I was lucky enough to win this great prize when were having a big birthday bonanza for their first anniversary so a big thinks to the whole team there.


In case you’re not familiar with (which I doubt!), it’s an Irish website stuffed to the nines with all things girly – from Celebrity gossip to beauty and health. Their staff consists of a whole myriad of influential bloggettes and they sure know their business. They also do regular giveaways so make sure to follow them on Twitter! You’ll find them over at @herdotie.

In other news: this wee blog make the longlist for this years Blog Awards in the “Best Personal Blog” category, which I am off course chuffed about! I do realize that I’m in amazing company in that category and even more so, some very fierce competition, for making it the next rounds. I will be attending the awards regardless so I’m hoping to come across many of you there!

Following later this week will be a small post on the #SligoWhoKnew campaign and how great it’s doing, more of my daily (ha!) topical drawings and next week we have National Potato Day to look forward too – for which I might have something up my sleeve!


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