sNarah would like a new job – a hand drawn CV

As I’ve moved back to Ireland last week, it’s time to get the job hunt kick started! I’ve a few applications running for some *really* interesting roles, but – as they say – why put all the money on one horse?

Housekeeping, cooking and drinking leisurely coffees are all really nice, but after one week of unemployment, I’m sort of dying to get back out there. Though, to be honest, my house looks great at the moment. Alas, there’s only so much cleaning a girl can do!

So, I decided to put my #paper53 app and #jotpro stylus to good use and drew a little CV. Thanks to @DarraghDoyle for half putting this idea in my head. Some references can be found on this little blog or on my LinkedIn profile, which also details my previous working experiences and interests. If you’re still even more curious, my About Me page pretty much gives away my entire digital life.

In short, which jobs in which industries would I enjoy working in? Very simples: a supporting role where I’m given freedom to develop and improve, together with the company. Ideally, a combination of executive (team) assistant and (digital) marketing. I’ve a strong interest in agriculture, local produce and arts/cultural companies. But then, my experience with ABB taught me that I enjoy different environments equally, as long as I’m in a challenging and varied role…

Oh, and to make it even harder, working 4 days a week would be ideal, this house doesn’t keep itself clean, you see. In return though, you get one hardworking, pro active, loyal and dynamic team member, with a lot of flexibility. Being a child of of the digital era, working evenings and weekends, especially in a social network setting, only seem natural. Location wise, Co. Meath and Co. Louth get strong preference, as does North County Dublin. City centre is doable but I have a thing with trains (I.e. a strong dislike).

So, interested? Call me, email me or send a postal pigeon to Stamullen!









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