[Competition] How much money in the bag?


This morning my mam brought in a bag of coins into the bank; where they weighed the whole lot. Turns out we have collected a whopping 7,3kg of change over the last years! This also gives good reason to throw another little competition: guess the right amount of money!

The rules are simple:

  • Figure out how much 7,3kgs of coins could be worth:
  • Comment below with your guess, or;
  • Tweet me @sNarah with hashtag #CoinsComp with your guess, or;
  • Enter your guess in sNarah’s games on Facebook

Referee will be my lovely mother. We have no clue ourselves just yet of how much it will be, as the bank just accepted the bag and will deposit it into my account…

Some tips:

  • It’s spare change we put aside for about 14 months;
  • There are very little 2€ and 1€ coins in the bag;
  • There are a lot of copper ones in the bag.

PRIZE: a handdrawn picture to a subject of your liking + candy.

CLOSING TIME: Sunday Feb 10th, 3pm Belgian time.



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