Changement de décor

As this blog slowly went over 2 years old, the time has arrived to make a few changes. None design one, as I’m still really chuffed with the theme and all the buttons do what they’re supposed to do. The main change is that this little weblog will turn bilingual! I asked a while ago on Twitter whether or not I should stop writing in English and – to my delight – it seems that all ye English speaking folk still check in here once in a while.

Like you probably know, the Irish boy and myself left Ireland behind us November last and are now living in Leuven, Belgium, which is a lovely little city in the centre of the country. We speak Dutch here. (or, Flemish to be more politically correct but that’s an whole other story which I don’t fancy explaining right now). It also means I’ve been using a lot more Dutch online, as I have started getting talking to other Belgian Interwebbers, mainly on Twitter.

So, an urge has come up to stop neglecting my mother tongue and to pen down my words in het Nederlands. Which I had a long think about: I could start afresh and start a new blog in Dutch only (sure, what would another addition of a blog be…) but it felt wrong abandoning this little nest I have built online. It’s where I got the bug for doing things on “t’ interwebs”, though which I met so many great friends and people in Ireland, got jobs and got going in this whole social media malarky years ago. So I couldn’t. I don’t want to leave Notes by sNarah for another fully committed, main blog. My other ones are all just – how to say it – silly little spin-offs, whereas I’ve always considered this one to be my main hub and representation of “sNarah™” (as @Bhalash calls it).

In conclusion – one major change and nothing else: I will be writing in both English and Dutch, depending on topic and what I feel like (at the moment, English still comes easier than my native language, which is completely crazy, and Dutch has way too many grammar rules, which I always apply wrong). A simple solution for you – the reader: categories! Each post will have a category, either English or Dutch, making it easy to filter out any foreign languages that one mightn’t understand.

That’s all for now – now to actually get back to some proper blogging!


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