Dublin makes shortlist for World Design Capital 2014!

This is awesome news.

A full report and more details can be found on the Dublin City website – and a huge extended congratulations to Pivot for putting in all the blood, sweat and tears. Even if it doesn’t actually win, making it this far is a huge achievement on its own, considering cities like Helsinki – with its Scandinavian feel  for design and innovation – didn’t make the cut.

As an immigrant into Ireland, I keep on getting surprised by this little country… as far as it’s behind with internet infrastructure, it’s one of the most innovating places I know when it comes to the digital life. Places like the Digital Hub, NCI , TEDX Tallagh and Trinity are lightyears ahead of some of their mainland equivalents when it comes to innovation. The Arts are abundant and nearly everyone I know is involved with arts one way or another. Therefore I shouldn’t be surprised by the amazing design talents that Ireland has to offer. Just in Dublin alone,  you can find amazing architecture and fantastic, contemporary city planning – like the new Grand Canal Dock area. Not every silly expense can be justified these day just by looking pretty, but oh boy, that it does.

Next to that, so many independent artist and companies are present in the capital and all over the country, each doing their own little bit. Just my twitterfeed alone sometimes overwhelms me with all the creativity that is being thrown around, from small things like quirky fashion blogs, to much bigger project like This Is Pop Baby, the 091 Hacker Lab in Galway, The Model in Sligo, Brown Bag Films and so forth. Heck, even getting the right cup of coffee these days has been incorporated into a total conceptual experience –  just walk into the Twisted Pepper and you’ll know what I’m on about.

The full details on the bid and what is happening are on the Pivot Dublin website… do check it out!

Pivot Dublin
Pivot Dublin

All in all – Dublin rocks.

May the best contestant win and all that jazz, but in fairness: Bilbao and Capetown – I hope Dublin kicks your ass!


(I’m also subtitling this entry as “Reason this country is not fucked.)


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