Reason this country is Fucked #2

Two-Mile Borris, Co. Tipperary.

T is a nice little town. So, the ideal place for the newest shizzle ma shizzle that will SAVE the Irish economy ALL on it’s own… Wait for it… This is a really good one!

You know how hotels and golf courses are really struggling these days? Solution! JUST MAKE IT LIKE THE WHITE HOUSE! Aha, most genius indeed. Just add a casino, a golf course, a 50o-rooms hotel and a race course, and you have one winning, sizzling, swinging recipe for success!


As per the Journal:

THE CONTROVERSIAL CASINO and leisure complex proposed for Two Mile Borris in north Tipperary has been given the go ahead by An Bord Pleanála today.

In its ruling issued today, the planning board said it had given the go-ahead for a full-size replica of the White House, a gambling casino, a 500-bedroom hotel, a racetrack, a greyhound track and a golf course on an 800-acre development off the Dublin to Cork M8 motorway at Two Mile Borris in Co Tipperary.

Really sounds extremely sustainable altogether now doesn’t it? (“but, but: ONE THOUSAND jobs in construction will be created over 3 years!” Uhu. Heard that before. The €340 million ski slope beats it though, they will have ONE THOUSAND TWO-HUNDRED jobs!!)

When will they learn…?



5 thoughts on “Reason this country is Fucked #2

  1. Denis O'Donovan says:

    Oh ye of little faith! Think of all the zillions of gamblers that will flock to this little backwater. That then brings “massage parlours” bars, lap dancing clubs, drug dealers, money launderers, rackateers etc.

    It’s a blessing in disguise – just what this country needs.

  2. Vlastik says:

    Thanks for letting it out. I really have to wonder again and again, if you really have to be a visitor in this country to see how many things are WRONG?

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