Reasons this country is Fucked #1

As read yesterday on The

In short: a certain self-employed person had no money to pay his TV license. He ignored his first reminder, then his second, and finally got a knock on the door from the local garda. Cue the following conversation:

A local garda, who I had met previously after my home was burgled, came to my house, sat down and said “you have to pay the fine or else you’re going to jail” followed immediately with “it’ll be grand, you’ll be home in time for your dinner”. He told me exactly what would happen:

I would be taken by him from Kilkenny to Dublin in a taxi. Yes, a taxi. He would have to bring me because he would technically be escorting a prisoner. He would go with me into Mountjoy, where I would be processed as an incoming prisoner. This could take as little as 20 minutes, as much as a couple of hours. I would be officially logged as a prisoner, my fine would be expunged, and then I would be immediately released due to lack of space. The garda would return to Kilkenny by taxi, and would return on my own steam  – by train. If I had no money, Mountjoy might give me the fare. The garda told me “we’ll leave early if it suits you. You’ll be back for your dinner”.

I asked him how sure he was that it would go like this. He said “100 per cent. We do this run almost daily. It never varies. I can guarantee you you’ll make the afternoon train”.

The full version and more details as per link above.

Absolute mindboggling absurdia!


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