New Topic that shall regularly appear: “Why this country is Fucked”.

Ireland. Love it, hate it. Leave it, take it. Emigrate if you will, there’s an abundance of good reasons to do so. No jobs, no money, an eternity of paying off loans to the IMF. Is it all that bad? Neh. The grass is green, the people are welcoming and the sun shines once in a while. So yes, we are still in this bloody recession, people are half depressed and no matter what the topic of the conversation is, it will always end in “ah well, we’re fecked anyway”.

Now. Nevermind this recession. We’re not the only ones. Greece and Portugal are doing just as bad as we are. Some comfort, no?

What this new topic is going to be about, is a showcase of random pickings, wondering how on earth could they be possible. A collection of snippets from the interwebs, about things our government and other institutions do, that make you go “WTF?”. They’re really not that hard to find, those stories. I’ve a few in mind already… something to do with a garden, and something to do with television licenses and going to prison. All post will be tagged with “Why this country is Fucked”. (Yes, with a capital F for emphasis!). Look them up after, it’s going to be fun.

If you have anything to add or a story that fits in showcasing the ridicule reasoning that occurs oh so often, you know where to find me.

Happy reading!


5 thoughts on “New Topic that shall regularly appear: “Why this country is Fucked”.

  1. yarglags says:

    When you consider the treatment Ireland has had at the hands of the IMF, the ridicule heaped on us by Fifa and the attitudes of our partners in Europe, It might be kinder to say We’d been unwittingly invited to a Bunga Bunga party.

  2. Ger Keogh says:

    The only people to disagree with you would be the people in government , they all seem to live on a different planet … They think taking a 10% pay cut on 100,000 is the same as taking 10% cut on 10,000…

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