Name Me!

Yes, that’s right. I need a new name. Not for me, persé, but for my “company”. I use the term loosely – basically, I need an official name to use for freelance projects I’m working on. In short, doing the stuff I’m already doing, but at a more professional level, including being a sole trader, have fancy letterheads, business cards, invoices and, sure why not, my own personal housestyle! The stuff I’m already doing is translation work, copywriting and language tuition.

It’s always so goddamn easy doing things for someone else, but to come up with smashing descriptions for myself seems to be a much greater challenge. So – what’s the brief then? I think it should have “sNarah” in it… I’m so used to it by now that it nearly seems rude to discard it. It’s part of me and my online persona (I’m still to figure out where exactly the border is between those two) and it suits me as a “brand name”. It is, however, not enough on its own.

So, add to that… something. And that’s the bit I’m stuck with. Notes by sNarah? Nah. sNarah Writes? Puh. sNarah Slang (thanks Nerin but I’ll pass). Gah Gah Gah!

I’m hoping to once more rely on the great Twitterverse and companions to point me in the right direction. Something in return when I pick your suggestion? Off course!  A few options: If you can use one of my above services, consider it done (small projects that is). If not, I can offer pints, chocolates, a drawing of a bunny, or even a hug. Options galore.

Comments underneath or by the old reliable Twitters!

Much obliged,

A very sad nameless company to be.


8 thoughts on “Name Me!

  1. RoryW says:

    simply sNarah
    sNarah speaks
    by sNarah
    bylines by sNarah
    translations by sNarah
    TCL sNarah
    Notes by sNarah !
    sNarah ( I know I have it already but sometimes the obvious is the best)

    Best of luck with whatever you decide

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