The Battle of my Eurovision Countries

I admit it.

I may be a closet Eurovision fan.

Well, Eurovision before 1993 that is. It just went downhill from then onwards. Before that, we had Abba! Sandra Kim! Johny Logan! Buzz Fizz! Fabumelicious indeed.

Last year turned out to be great fun, mainly because of Twitter. No better place for commentary. It actually made me enjoy the whole flippin travesty. The blockvoting! The shiny outfits! The “just out of key singing”! Not to mention, all the hot Eastern Block girls. They got approval from the Twitterverse indeed.

This year, I’m stuck with 2 dreadful options. The one from the homecountry is A Capella, terribly choreographed and well, just a bit embarrassing. Ten points for getting the wordplay though (leave it in the comments people!). The other option, from the current country, involves that “doppelganger with the spiky hair” act, also known as Jedward. The YoungWans think they are squee-licious. I send out a Tweet earlier today, stating they could win it. I haven’t been retweeted as much in a long while…

Anyway – for your enjoyment, here are my 2 options, the wonderfully exciting songs from Belgium and Ireland. I hope to see you all at the #tweetbar for live coverage from yours truly (find me @sNarah). Let’s make Eurovision 2011 Twitter-Tastic!


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