A brief synopses of the 2011 Irish Blog Awards, brought to you in MS Paint.




Bloggers & Bloggerettes mentioned above

Davy Mac

Irish Blog Awards

Damien Mulley

Allan Cavanagh

Siobhan D

Made in Hollywood

Karen from Chicago

Lady Umbrella




18 thoughts on “#IBA2011

  1. David McDonald says:

    Hilarious summary!
    Thanks for my Photowalk award – and the vest one too, I think (bit scared if there are photos!)

    Brilliant weekend, and had fun chatting to you & taking the mick for your film cameras 😉

    ALSO: Bonus points for using MS Paint!!

    1. sNarah says:

      My photo’s take a tad longer to arrive (elitist film, puh!) – so you’ll have to wait and see! Checking out that beauty Lumix one right now… quite liking the spec!

      1. David McDonald says:

        Look forward to your film shots when you get ’em.

        The Lumix is awesome, same IQ as the big Nikon I was wielding, but obviously way more portable. Spec on paper may look impressive, but you really need to get hands on for a demo, you’ll be smitten I’ll bet.
        Beware the GF2, same quality but most of the hardware controls abandoned for more point & shoot experience. GF1 still a fave with most ‘serious’ shooters.

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