Add Envy: “Eircom Sleeveface”

For a brief period I studies commercial design in college – a course that would allow me to work in an add agency in the future, create campaigns and become a great copywriter. I dropped out after the first year. And am somehow sorry now that I didn’t finish the degree, although that would mean that I wouldn’t be in the happy place I am now.

I did leave leave with me a minor malfunction. I am one of those people that screams “FLICK BACK!” when the adds are on… Much to the annoyance of my fellow television staring munchkins. I’m so fond of that one moment where you’re mesmerized by the blue glaring box when a wonderfully enticing add comes on. I doesn’t happen a lot. I can tell you by heart a list of adds that have made me oh-so happy in the past.

This one is one of those. It’s one of those adds where I go “Damn, if I had finished the degree and was working in advertising, *I* might have created that great piece of advertising art!”.

On this particular one – The product: Meh. The add: fabumelicious! The envy level: an extremely high shade of green.




9 thoughts on “Add Envy: “Eircom Sleeveface”

  1. Hugh_C says:

    Hi Snarah, I was involved in the early stages of this ad, making the beginnings of a sound track for it – never know that there so many versions of Tainted Love out there, the original (and best) is by Gloria JOnes. I wold been the editor on the job as well if it weren’t for an unexpected loss in the family.

    1. sNarah says:

      Hugh, that’s cool! Never knew you worked in advertising as well as photography? Pity you weren’t able to finish up, seemed like a nice project to work on.

  2. Tommy Kavanagh says:

    …..and you know what product it belongs to which is a #win for the marketing operation

    ( product is actually quite nice too when its for free – well, you are paying for it in your broadband bundle 🙂 )

    1. Tommy Kavanagh says:

      same here – only doing the free thing but its uniting me with lots of music which I otherwise would have forgotten (old cassette tapes etc.) In fairness, the search interface is damn clunky though. Their download rates seem quite reasonable to me.

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