Apocalypse Now?

According to the Maya’s and other people in the know, the world will possibly come to an end in 2012. I think that schucks. I am rather fond of life here on Earth you see. I also am far too skeptical to believe any of these predictions, though I must admit I have been lingering into the darker philosophical side after all those odd events taking place worldwide… Floods, earthquakes, birds dropping from the sky, fish landing dead ashore, with the Carmina Burrana playing in the back of my head for dramatic purposes.

I believe that we are also having what I call a “mini-apocalypse” here in Ireland. Something to do with election poster and gushing gale forces. So I made a rhyme about it. Which I shall share, purely for entertainment’s sake.

Once there was a country in despair

The bust and boom and boom and bust had tore it down

Bankers, Politicians pulling out their hair


But there, a sign, people polling for votes at the door!

Stating nonsense, empty promises and lies

For we shall not believe them, never more


As the winds swept the rugged nation

Tearing down the propaganda in one swift blow

Perhaps now is the time for salvation.

As overheard by a friend, who read the following statement on the olden twitterverse: “May the last hanging election poster win.”

Ps: Has anyone seen Enda?


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