Not resolutions, more so Declarations of Intent…

Resolutions are not for me. Because (1) I ignore them, (2) I blissfully forget about them and (3) It means I have to live up to them, and I’m really not that sort of a gal.

But. I do like lists. Lists are fun. So, lists, I can do. Even if they involve that horrible cliché of celebrating a new year, with great meaningful thoughts that are forgotten as soon as the Christmas tree is put back up the attic. (Or the garden, if you’re that way inclined).

HUZZAH in 2010: My new blog. Lovely photography people. Raising Hope. The Dotconf. Twifficiency. Photowalkie. Cute kittens. The return of great Irish bands. The Journal. Broadsheet. The Hunky Dory add. Twitter beating Google at queries. A new job for me. Ipad. Facebook Pages.Vimeo. Discovering that “awesomeness” is an actual word. Eurovision & Worldcup on Twitter.

Not-so HUZZAH in 2010: Foursquare/Facebook Places/Other location thingie-ma-thingies. The anti-European feeling. The overload of bad apps. Twitter Daily “Newspapers”. Angry Birds*. AudioBoo. The Government. Snow. Lady Gaga. The X Factor. Sensationalistic “journalism” (The Irish Daily Star being elected as “best” newspaper by TV3).

(Hopefully) In store for 2011: A super-dooper secret event I’m working on. More cookingness. Actually do that one interview a month and less ignoring it. Guest publish somewhere. Brush up on the old Espagnol. Change the blog into a proper little website. Attend more photowalks. Get a new camera. Write for a newspaper. Leave more comments on blogs. Get graphic design lessons. Work freelance. Attend more Irish Webbyness events (+ more mingling). Regularly change the colour of my hair. Get a puppy. Draw more. Find more words like “awesomeness”. Get Angry Birds. Less procrastination. Volunteer. Do more random things.

(* They have to go in the naughty list for this reason.)


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