FM104 & Cheryl Cole – Not so A-Okay

I’m not a girl who likes commercial music – I have no interest in the likes of the X-Factor and commercial radio stations. My twitter-feed usually shows me what Phantom 1052 and Hotpress are up to, so when this morning a lot of Cheryl Cole and FM104 tweets started to pop up, I was wondering what hell they were doing there. Cheryl Cole in my twitterfeed? Really?

So – curiosity activated. Turns out, during the week FM104 had been announcing that herself was dropping in for an interview. Cue excited Irish fans, filled with anticipation to meet the popular singing bird, eager to catch a glimpse of the stylish fashion icon. Despite FM104 asking fans to not show up at the studio, many of them did (Duh). And then, it turned out, Ms. Cheryl really wasn’t Ms. Cheryl…

The interview goes like this: FM104 – STRAWBERRY ALARM BLOG: Cheryl chats to Jim-Jim & Mark…….

Now, fans of Cheryl are… to put it mildy: angry. The FM104 Twitter and Facebook account are overflowing with abusive comments and many are being deleted along the way by the respective teams behind the accounts. What amuses me, is they way the fans are commenting:

Cheryl comment Fm104 FB Page

For a fuller, more entertaining section – I recommend the Facebook Page where JimJim uploaded a “picture of Cheryl, live in studio!”, where a fine selection of highstanding, intelligent, whitty and convincing comments have been left behind. (Given that you are able to sort through the “Yis”, “Bastards”, “Dats a disgrace”, “abita Craic”, etc).

My goodness… T is as if JimJim has just personally battered all these peoples children with a stick and admitted enjoying it. I remember now why I don’t do X-factor, Pop Idol and certain radio stations….


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