Bud is A-Okay & Other Happenings

Because I’m a sucker for great advertising, I just have to share this with you:

BUD is A'Okay

Just in case my shaky cameraphone image is not very clear, it says “Keep back in case door opens… (you wish)”. Ha. It made me giggle anyway, don’t know about you?

Now that that’s out of my system – onwards to the “Happenings”. The Irish web is buzzing with excitement and a lot of different projects are taking place, so here are a few of my recommendations.

  1. This year I’m involved with creating and marketing the Boards 2010 Photo Book – a voluntary publication that is created from start to finish, on the photography forum on Boards.ie. The book has been published in previous years and showcases the fantastic work of professional and amateur photographers based in Ireland. You will probably see me pimping the book very soon, as all profits from the sale go towards Santa Strike Force, set up by one of the founding members of Boards. So buy one! (Yay!)
  2. Two very interesting Music Journalism courses are taking place around Dublin in the following weeks and have caused quite a stir already! Listen back on Phantom how both organizers got into a bit a of rubble! The first course is a 10-week night programme by Hotpress and Independent Colleges and will cover topics like Writing About Music, Interview Techniques and a practical approach to Portfolio Production. Course is priced at €895 and starts Oct 21st. The second course, called Dancing About Architecture, is free and consists of 4 evenings and has a more underground feel to it. Una Mullaly and Sinead Gleeson are both speaking and it looks like the organisers have some great ideas that will be shared with the public.
  3. This weekend, the Irish Web Awards take place and some of the people I interact with online on a daily basis have made it onto the 2010 finalist list! I will be entertaining a Belgian visitor over the weekend, so I won’t be able to attend but I really hope the following people win the top spot in their category… Best of luck to Miriam from Esus Web, Michele from Blacknight, Emma and her team for the DotConf, Lauren & Niall in Simply Zesty, The fabulous crowd behind the Abbey Theatre, the rocking girls and boys from Phantom, and last but not least, the 5 and a half people over at Boards.ie!
  4. Not nominated for a WebAward  (Quelle Surprise!), but definitely one of my favourite online publications of the moment, is Broadsheet. And because they truly, deeply, madly entertain me on a daily basis, and celebrated their 11-week birthday this week, I made them a picture. It has a kitten in it and all!
Happy Birthday BroadSheet!

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