Sometimes the internet overwhelms me. The Chaos, The overload, The Madness that is the internet. Mainly because I have too many accounts to check, too many links in my RSS feeds, too many threads I’m participating in and too many people to talk to. See, some people think I am extremely geeky. I’m really not. I lack a lot of technical knowledge (“Do you use CSS for that template? Uh.. I dunno :/”), I’m not a gamer (surely Patience does not count) and I can hardly follow new developments, usually only finding out about them months later and failing to understand what exactly their purpose is.

My friends with no or little online presence think I must be some sort of Queen-of-the-Interwebz and that my face is very slowly turning a bluer shade from sitting behind my laptop all day long. Like that, apparently I’m also a local helpdesk. Turns out I know everything about setting up printers, laptops, installing anti-virus software, testing why the PC won’t start up again, editing pictures (JPEG’s!) to make them “look better”, design logo’s, why yes, even creating websites.

Uh, I can do THAT?

See – the things is, in reality, I can’t do any of those things. Or at least not that I’m aware of. I improvise. And use my old friend Google. Usually that works and I fix whatever seems to be the problem. Does this mean I can do that again at a later point in time? No, I have a memory like a goldfish and a very small attention span. Which also results in me, making the same mistakes over and over again, simply because I forget I’ve made the same mistake before. What a dummy huh?

I have the same problem with photography. I love photography but lack the patience to engage in learning processes. Meaning, that if you ask me how many pixels my camera has, I will probably draw a blank and look at you in a funny manner. The thing is, rules sort of spoil things for me. I like clicking the shutter haphazardly and being surprised by the resulting image – without having a clue which settings I used. Now, I do admit that you need some sort of a guidance because, well, shutter speed and aperture do have a function. And so, little by little, I listen to what people tell me, read tutorials online or ask question on discussion boards. And like that, I find myself – to my own surprise – answering questions about photography without even realizing I knew the answer.

So – luckily, the same thing is happening with my online addicted-ness. A big kudos to my brain for absorbing some of the bits and pieces I read on a daily basis. All content which I find through all the accounts I have to check, the many articles in my RSS-feeds, the threads on forums and the people I talk to. My happy-go-lucky approach to life in general surprisingly seems to work online too – and bit by bit by bit I’m learning so many things. Since I started this bloggy yolk, I’ve been paying so much more attention to the online world around me and collecting little pieces here and there, and like a puzzle, once so often they form a nice part of my knowledge on which I can rely.

And like that, I surprise myself again by answering question to which I didn’t realize I knew the answer. Thank heavens for the interwebz and all its learnfull-chaotic-overwhelming-goodness!


4 thoughts on “Learnfull-Chaotic-Overwhelming-Goodness!

  1. David Ferrie says:

    I work “in IT” or “with computers” so I completely relate to the “Turns out I know everything about setting up printers, laptops, installing anti-virus software, testing why the PC won’t start up again, editing pictures (JPEG’s!) to make them “look better”, design logo’s, why yes, even creating websites” thing. When it turns out that yes I do know how to do something, people ask me “How do you remember that stuff” simple answer, I have no idea, I just do.

    Thanks for another thought provoking post, off now to forget things.

    1. sNarah says:

      I love that one Dave, the “You know things about computers, yes?”, when I don’t even have a clue what make my laptop is. Ah well, the main problem is that I tend to want to help people out and keep answering “yes” when they ask me to look at a “tiny little fault” which turns out to be, let’s say, a crashing motherboard. And then dissapoint them by admitting I don’t have clue 🙂

  2. Darren says:

    My family = “Oh you have a nice camera so can you do this, this, this, this & this and when you’re finished I need you to do this, that & another thing” The same applies to computers/electronics for me. If they only knew how much I too rely on Google.

    I was also given some low res jpegs of a first communion last month and was asked to enhance them. I give up sometimes :/

    I would like to think I absorb all these things too but my brain is not what it use to be and end up going back to Google.

    Enjoyed reading your post.

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