The day before the Minister of Science was about to launch a book denying Evolution…

***Post Update 14/09***

Minister decides not to proceed with launch – as reported in the Irish Times this morning and on Vincent Brown last night.

Although I am delighted with the fact that pressure from social media can make changes, I’m not too impressed with the reasons behind Minister Lenihan withdrawing from the launch. The author himself has asked the minister to step down – as he was too embarassed by the controversy caused by the whole affair. Oh well, a partial victory is better than none I suppose…


On an unusual subject for me – a small bit of politics today. And outrage, confusion and anger. The Irish junior minister for science, will tomorrow launch a book titled by John J May. “The Origin of Specious Nonsense” by John J May. That’s right. A book supporting creationism and denying evolution.

Quoted from the Irish Times article today – these are some of Mr. May’s views on evolution:

Evolution cripples sanity, promotes myths and obscures reality.

Anyone who teaches evolution is either ignorant or deliberately suppressing the known scientific facts.

It  is a toxic poisonous mind virus which destroys the hearts immune system against hope and common sense.

The fact that Minister Lenihan claims he is “not launching the book as Minister of Science, but as the TD of the constituency of which Mr. May is a member” makes it even worse – how can it ever make sense for anyone in science to support a book denying evolution?? When you have an elected seat by, us, voters, who assumed that common sense and scientific facts are part of the science portfolio??

Needless to say, the interwebs are not happy. Lenihan has become a trending topic on Twitter and high-profile Irishmen and -women are crying outrage:

Real Time Results on Twitter for "Lenihan"

For the sake of this country, its reputation abroad, the education of our children and the sanity of the people, I truly, deeply and strongly feel that if Mr. Lenihan proceeds with the launch tomorrow, it will be the last straw for Fianna Fáil and the already weakened Government. There are no excuses to be made – to proceed would ludicrous and an insult to every Irish voter.

To empower tonight’s sentiment, have a look over at Stephens Holmes blog “Galloping Green“. Not a truer word spoken.


One thought on “The day before the Minister of Science was about to launch a book denying Evolution…

  1. David Ferrie says:

    Disbelief, shock, frustration and embarrassment where just a few of the emotions that hit me when I heard about this.

    I wonder if our Minister has ever watched “Inherit The Wind”

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