Sometimes I just réally love Twitter…

It has been mentioned by other people a million times before – Twitter has its pro’s and cons, but I still love it so much. I know of online people who – when looking for answers or solutions – twitter first, google later. For me personally, most of Twitter is silly chit-chat, pimping my blog and photographs and following the people and companies I like. I find that I click links easier through Twitter because I simply don’t pay enough attention to my RSS feeds, Google Reader or blogs I like.

Another reason I like Twitter is that the core group I interact with, are people I have met in real life. REAL LIFE! I know – astounding isn’t it? It makes it so much easier to engage in conversation because once you have a face attached to a name, you tend to “read” their updates in a different (read: nicer and better) fashion.

The reason I’m loving Twitter today is the following: after lunch I tweeted the following statement out to the interwebs:


Ah. How lovely n’est pas? Yours truly was not impressed and slighty worried if that Snickers (Snickers DUO nonetheless!) was such a good idea after all…


 I have the béstest followers

  •  @sNarah Just tell him you can choose not eat/not eat choc but he clearly has no control over his big mouth
  • @sNarah if he is going bald, tell him you (sarah) doesnt need to loose weight but could if need be, however he cant grow back his hair 🙂 
  • @sNarah you ask him how it’s possible to get pregnant from chocolate. 
  • @sNarah superglue his mouth to his ass, potentially snapping his spine in two in the process, like a dry twig. That’d show him
  • @sNarah plan d: kick him in the balls
  • @sNarah tell him he’s lucky it’s not shoved through the back of his head where it will stay for the rest of his very short life!   
  • @snarah you are thinner than most women around here, I wouldn’t worry too much 
  • @sNarah tell him to bog off, what makes him think he has the right to make a comment on your physicality, I’d do that and then take to more  
  • @sNarah you could try punching him…
  • @sNarah kill him 😉


Noh – Thank guys…



3 thoughts on “Sometimes I just réally love Twitter…

  1. David Ferrie says:

    Aside from liking the people I follow and who kindly follow me on twitter and enjoying the fun, chit-chat and banter, I found it incredibly useful in the lead up to People’s Photography. I was a noob to People’s Photography with many (probably too many) questions, and invariably the good folks on Twitter not only had the answers but were more than generous in sharing their knowledge and experience.

    1. sNarah says:

      Same here Dave – I do find most of the answers that are photography related through Twitter – and loads of other random queries too:
      – Good hotels in X
      – Where can I find X
      – Has anyone ever used X
      Etc. Very usefull, first-hand experiences and answers, both from companies and individuals!

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