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Worky Offices

Last week Simply Zesty invited me to attend the relaunch of Worky.  Worky is a dedicated social network for everything to do with recruitment and career opportunities. They have been working to upgrade to a “new” version of Worky – it started of being a headhunters venture but the current economic climate did not allow for this, so it has been redeveloped towards jobseekers, with an easy to use platform and free listings for companies. I had a little chat with Worky’s founder, Ray Nolan. Originally from Malahide, Ray is a well known player in the Irish online world, being involved in many extremely succesful ventures, including

Hi Ray! Why Worky?

Worky offers a platform somewhere located between LinkedIn and Facebook: it’s not aimed at senior executives trying to build a network, it’s a place for your “average Joe” where you can build a profile in an easy, simple way, much like Facebook. It’s an online CV, allowing you to control what information you share and it will give you better results when future employer do a Google search on you, as the integrated keyword function will ensure that Worky shows up on the first pages of a Google search. Most people don’t build networks online on a day-to-day basis so we wanted to fill that gap and offer a better way of tracking down jobs and oppurtinites.

Ray Nolan

So how is Worky different from normal jobseekers website?

With the basic package you can see stats on how many people have been watching your profile and where they came from, the IP addresses show so it’s easy for you to check if your profile is having the desired effect. Next to that, you can connect with other Worky members, friends and family and follow companies. So even if you are not actively looking for employment, you can still keep track of your preferred companies and check every so often if they have vacancies. Another tool is the “verified” experience option: you can send a request to a former employer to verify your listed job-experience and it will show the confirming email-address as “” therefore ensuring that your experience is genuine.


Verified Job Experience


What does it offer companies that normal job listings can’t do?

Well, firstly, it’s free. Secondly, they also avail of a meaningful toolset where they get alerts of which candidates view their profile and vacancies in their dashboard. If, let’s say, you’re hiring, your stats can tell you which candidates have been viewing the corporate profile and are a match to your vacancy. There is an option to specifically target those Worky members and send out your vacancy to them, therefore increasing your chances of finding a better candidate. There’s also an option for a Closed Network, so colleagues can use Worky as a medium to discuss work issues.

Where does the funding come from for Worky?

It’s all privately funded by myself and shareholders, most of whom were also involved in Hostelworld. We hope to offer them a return on investment and also anticipate to attract more by becoming a realistic competitor to joblisting websites and Linkedin.

Thank you for time Ray and good luck with Worky!

Worky Presentation
Readers offer: Worky are offering my readers one month premium membership! So, check Worky out for yourself, and avail of the premium stats and profile. You can activate the offer by clicking here and entering the promotional code “worky for your work life”.  



2 thoughts on “An interview with Ray Nolan from

  1. Miriam says:

    hi Sarah, great job on getting such a big fish for your first one! I agree with David, you provide a clear insight into the Worky proposition. Worky sounds interesting. I wonder where / if it will step on Weedle’s toes. Weedle’s seems also to be trying to fit somewhere in the social media space between LinkedIn and formal job sites.

    So who have you set your sights on for no.2 then?!

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