Shiny New Sharing Buttons!

Only a very short blogpost this week as I am far busier than I like to be!

Like you can see WordPress have given us blogger some lovely shiny new buttons, something I’ve been waiting for! The Tweetbutton was announced and integrated about 2 weeks ago and now they have added some other sharing options too: Facebook Like button (weeee!), the Digg-it submit button, StumbleUpon and a few other ones. A nice touch is that you have the choice of which ones you want to display, either on their own or hidden away underneath the “Share+” icon. I’m very impressed with it all, it’s amazingly easy to integrate and I hope you will all be clicking away on the various buttons, sharing my ramblings with the rest of the interwebs!

(And now for a bit of shameless selfpromotion…)

One of the reasons I’m so busy is because I will displaying some of my images at Peoples Photography this weekend (Aug 28 +29) so time to get bulldog clips, plastics sheeting, prints and mounts ready. There will be about 300 other artists displaying their work on the fences around St. Stephens Green, including many of my photography friends. You can find my work over at allocation 309-310 if you fancy a looksie!

Here are some of my fellow displaying buddies:

I’m also going to a website launch tomorrow evening and will hopefully return with a few images and an interview with the founder – I will let you know how I got on!

Blog you all later and don’t forget to press my shiny new buttons! Keep on sharing interwebs people! (That last sentence has to be read like Ron Burgundy saying “Stay classy San Diego”).


7 thoughts on “Shiny New Sharing Buttons!

  1. Petra says:

    Nice one. Both about the buttons – have to check those, only use the tweet one so far – and of course for mentioning me.

    Looking forward to Sat/Sun. Sitting outside, chatting to people, enjoying the sunny weather…

  2. Darren says:

    Thanks also for the mention. I am 5% prepared for the weekend but very excited about it. The other 95% preperation will happen between the hours of 10pm Friday to 8am Saturday.

  3. aafke says:

    leuk joh, ik stap zaterdag op de trein kom zeker even bij jou en de anderen kijken.
    p.s. nog één kleinigheidje over de namen van je “fellow fotografen” eyeblinks is tommie (ja, met ie dus) en dat kun je vast nog wel aanpassen.

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