Oh, Irony.

My post about Twiffiency went slightly viral over the internet. Oh the Irony. At this point the retweets have finally stopped – and boy – am I happy they have. In fairness, I wrote said little entry mainly for content purposes and because of its entertainment factor. Unlike some other posts, little research or original writing was involved and I would certainly not claim it to be my best post, more the opposite if anything. So it just proves that sometimes the things you least expect to be popular, become bigger than ever anticipated. Did I enjoy the attention? Yes – to a certain extend I did. Only a pity it was for that particular post and not one I am more proud off.

The logistics behind the traffic are mind-boggling. The evening I posted the entry, a guy called Ed Bott retweeted the post and from there it started to be repeated every 5 minutes or so. A few hours later, TechMeme picked it up and tweeted it through all their different channels, accounting for about 85% of the generated traffic to here and several mentions per minute. To be honest – I had never heard of them before, but somehow I believe I should know them… Or at least I concluded after receiving the following tweet from one of my followers who is in “the know”:

Congrats on the @techmeme mention 🙂 Did a double take when I saw your nick pop up in the feed.

Here are a few numbers to show the contrast in numbers when chain reaction picks up your entry. The following stats show my blogviews in the last days and the Twifficiency post accounts for over half of all my traffic!


Following all those views – the comments started dropping in. I’m rather content with my usual comments, for a ‘young’ blog I am surprised to have a great consistency throughout all posts. I have an average of 5.1 comments per post – which I really am very happy about. For the Twifficiency one, I ended up with 36 approved comments, which can be broken up into the following numbers:

  • 7 comments from regular readers.
  • 15 comments from “strangers”.
  • 5 replies from me.
  • 8 Twitter Pingbacks

The non-approved comments (40 or so) consist of either offensive language, personal digs at me or spam Twitter Pingbacks. I find it odd how some users have the need to leave irrelevant comment for the sole purpose of abusing or being a spelling Nazi. Here are some examples of replies that didn’t make the cut:

  • You and your blog are stupid.
  • You can’t spell.
  • This site sucks.
  • Who do you think you are defending this password stealing, hacking, virus kid?????
  • And a few other containing words that wouldn’t even pass the censorship on Channel 4…

In all – it was a fun experience and looking back through the numbers,  it would seem that I enjoy analyzing things (albeit very superficially). Onwards to more posts – and to be honest – without a repeat of what happened here. The viewers will not come back for what I have to say, as they were only looking for an answer to a specific question: “What is Twifficiency?”. What I would like to happen, is for a future post to be picked up in the Irish blogosphere for the true value and merit of the post, not as a once off.

Until then, I shall keep on typing away.


4 thoughts on “Oh, Irony.

  1. Tommy Kavanagh says:

    Nice post and after the event analysis. Why people attack the poster rather than the post I find hard to comprehend. I would post something in relation to those only you’d have to censor it out 🙂

    What you’ve discovered is that it isn’t that difficult to court fame (if even for 15 minutes)

    – Seek out the latest trending topic, and write on it. Write early in the trend’s life cycle and as you’ve indicated you don’t even have to put effort into research or investigative work. Just write on it.

    The online world is hungry for content, and when something breaks, they will clamber to get the opinion on it whatever that opinion is. (this no criticism of your previous post – more a comment on the online world)

    This is a troubling trend visible in much of the recognised media sources – the breaking news should always be taken lightly in terms of the detail. It may get the headline correct but the detail may only be emerging. But the world in general demands what detail there is.

    So, providing detail early in the cycle, will/should garnish the 15miutes of fame.

    The interesting thing is – take four more trending topics; and you will be up to an hour of fame ! 🙂 (but, fame should never be confused with accurate and well written detail)

    Now, I’d suggest you just need to figure how to monetise on fame.


    1. sNarah says:

      Hi Tommy,

      Took me a while to reply but here it is! Firstly, a big thanks for you constructive and elaborate reply! I absolutely agree with you that when you write about trending topics, readers and comments seem to pass by quicker and in a much higher volume. I was reading an article yesterday in which they even advise you to write about those topics in order to get more hits! Tbh, I’m not that eager for attention to purposely track down popular debates just to write about them in order to increase stats…

      My post wasn’t even researched that much yet everyone took it exactly as it was without hardly any (constructive) critiques, for all they know, it might have complete nonsence (it wasn’t). I had one reader leaving “negative” critique on the subject which I encouraged, as I find they deserve a place and allow for rethinking the subject. As for the other abusive comments – seriously makes me wonder what their motives are. I’d seen similar comments before on the likes of YouTube and Flickr but not on a small personal blog and I’d rather not see them again any day soon!

      Ah and Tommy, if only I had some Google Adds on the blog on those 2 days huh… 🙂

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