Hello Simply Zesty!

Like you all know from my “About” page, the main purpose of this blog is to create an online portfolio and reference for a future career in digital media and copywriting. Today, for the first time, I am happy to announce that this particular blog post will be some sort of a job application – let’s say – an attempt to get an interview with a social media company, through the medium of social media, to become an Account Executive using… social media!

I was on holidays in the beautiful wilderness of Kerry last week and has also decided to take a little break away from my beloved little laptop. So, no Facebook, no Twitter, no RSS-updates, Nada. Meaning that I had completely missed the announcement by Simply Zesty, who are trying to find a new account executive to join their team. “Well, if you missed it, then why are you blogging about it?” I hear you thinking… I happen to have some fantastic online friends, who send me little messages just to make sure I hadn’t missed this opportunity! Kudos to you guys – you know who you are – for reading my ramblings and keeping me in mind when spotting things like this on the interwebs!

Well, there we are. I herewith officially declare to want to work for Simply Zesty. In case you haven’t heard of them, they are one of the most creative Online PR & Social Media companies in Ireland. Hence excitement from my part. I sat down at my lovely wooden kitchen table and started thinking about how to apply for this job. See, your ordinary cover letter and CV are just not good enough. I needed something a bit more… creative to catch their attention. On their own blog, SZ often broadcasts the “Simply Zesty” show, where they talk about Social Media in a pretty sofa. So, that was what I was going to do, and what I did. What I didn’t account for is the fact that my equipment is nowhere near to being anything useful, the lack of proper recording devices and pretty backgrounds are painfully clear in my little broadcast – but ah well – that’s a lesson learned and I don’t feel it takes away from the message.

Onwards to the important bit! *Drumrolls* The Video in question!

What I plan to do next is sending a link to this message to SZ by email, containing more background information on myself and what I can do and my contact details (postal address for pigeons also added). Expect to see this repeated through Twitter and other channels.

After all that is finished, cue me, sitting at my kitchen table, trembling, tapping my fingers on the worktop, whilst waiting eagerly and impatiently, filled with hope for a sign from Simply Zesty…


15 thoughts on “Hello Simply Zesty!

  1. Eric Nieudan says:

    Great job on the application Sarah!
    I’ll cross my fingers as soon as a I have finished typing this =)

    Niall, Lauren, hope you’ll give a chance to Sarah. She’d fill your office with chocolate and beer ;p

  2. Petra Bangemann says:

    Wow. That job is exactly what you’re looking for. And you tick all the boxes. Well done on this application. Lauren and Niall are lucky to get you. Just in case it’s necessary: fingers crossed:-)

  3. Miriam says:

    hi Sarah, just back from 2 weeks holidays myself. Like you, I pulled the plug on all things online…the only tweeting was the sea birds of west cork.

    Love the video. It’s innovative, creative and engaging…surely all the things Simply Zesty are looking for in a new team member! Also great to see you on video as next time I won’t have to search for the polka dot shoes, should we be at another event together.

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