Ivy Bean, May you rest in peace.

Today Ivy Bean passed away at the age of 105. This lovely lady was best known for being the oldest person on both Facebook and Twitter where she had a massive fan base. Her tweets usually were very charming and innocent – and her friendship with Peter Andre, about whom she tweeted often, could only be described as heartwarming.

Her latest tweets were posted by Pat, the manager of the home in which Ivy was residing and a few weeks ago reported of her illness and today, sadly, of her death last night.

Tributes are already flowing in all over her Facebook page and her Twitter account, and mourners can send their condolences to the following address too: Hillside Manor. 133 Barkerend Road. Bradford BD3 9AU, United Kingdom.

So, if a 105-year old lady can use the social web at such a high level, can’t we all?

Ivy Bean, May you rest in peace, the Twitterverse will be a little emptier without you.

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3 thoughts on “Ivy Bean, May you rest in peace.

  1. Mark says:

    Whoa, your theme is unintentionally just a little distracting to me. See here. 😉

    I’m really sorry to say that I never knew about Ivy until today, which makes me sad. You spend so long trying to keep yourself cut off from humanity, until something like this jumps out and smacks you upside the head. So belatedly I’m following her tweets and learning about such a wonderful person who has left us.

    1. sNarah says:

      I know, I *hate* opening 091labs, it confuses me greatly. And Navan Camera Club are running the same theme too!!

      Humanity are nice, especially little old ladies like Ivy. Her tweets always made me smile. Have a read through it all – the happier bits. Their innoscence and simpleness will cheer you up, I guarantee.

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