#DotConf – Part I.

I had a great time at the DotConf today – good fun, fantastic speakers, and -as promised- free cake and beers. My head is still buzzing with all the information that is soaking in and my feet are in bits thanks to my polka-dotted shoes.

So, no proper blogging tonight, but here’s a quick preview of some of the photographs! Expect some more elaborate reports and more pictures over the weekend!

Mark Little & Halibut
All the attendees after the DotConf, at the launch of NCI's new Masters degree course in Web Technologies
Scribbling notes from the DotConf
I met this little guy on the way back. He's called Joe and he belongs to Sharon O'Neill, thought it was well suited in regards to the DotConf!

3 thoughts on “#DotConf – Part I.

    1. sNarah says:

      Hi Richard,you too, was well impressed with your customized name-tag! I found a nearly acceptable way of eating the cupcakes by starting at the bottom, but they were hard work indeed!

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