I think that in order to move forwards, it is important to peek back into the past occasionally and evaluate yourself and your work. As part of this blog, I will doing be doing just that and publishing those thoughts. Some of my entries require a follow-up post, which I might be working on or have scheduled somewhere in the future, so it is essential to keep track of these topics and ensure that my readers (Hi, You! Yes You!) get the updates they were promised.

So, as a first session of my self-evaluation I will firstly inform you of a few changes I have made to my online life:

* I finally signed up to LinkedIn and created a profile. As it is only about a week old I haven’t been able yet to decide whether or not it is going to be useful for me, but I do hope to use LinkedIn to connect to a few more people and hopefully create some long-lasting professional relationships. Do come say hello if you want to!

* I’ve been running the New Firefox 4.01 beta version as my prefered browser and so far am rather happy about it. It seems to be quicker, I like the interface and I love being able to provide direct feedback to Firefox. There’s a small issue with the add-ons integration but I’m sure that will be sorted out quickly.

* I’ve been catching up on reading through several blog posts of my Twitter friends and have learned so many things through them that I actually need a notepad and pen next to my laptop. Yes, as in actually writing things down. I’m hoping to create a little personal bible on that notepad which I can refer to in the future.

* I’ve ordered a copy of Yahoo’s newly published style-guide for online writing. The printed version that is. On first impression it seems to be a handy little tool for content quality and creating a clean copy. If anything, it will be a good point of reference.

Now, onwards to the blog’s content:

  1. In my post about educational institutions incorporating new media, I promised a survey. The survey has been conducted and at the moment the results are being processed into readable data. You can expect the published report around the second week of August.
  2. I have been using the TrueTwit application like I mentioned in this post to suss out some of the TwitterBots. Whereas it doesn’t stop automated messages and robot-followers, it does make it handy to check which followers really want to follow you. I checked with a few new followers if they minded the validation process and got but positive replies.
  3. I am aware that there still have been no interviews published and I should really get that ball rolling. I’m in the process  of arranging to meet a few people and am getting it all prepared. Expect the first one there mid-August.
  4. As you all know, I’m going to the DotConf tomorrow, so you can expect a report from it over the weekend. I have chosen 2 deepdives, the eCourgette & Wired potato’s one and the usable languages one. Notepad: Check. Pen: Check.

That are the main things I can think of for now, I believe it might be useful for myself to trackback once a month or so through my blog-entries and evaluate. If you have anything to add or mention in regards to this, please do so, as I feel it is important for me to gain new skills, take in all critiques and learn from my mistakes.



2 thoughts on “[1]

  1. David Ferrie says:

    Look forward to hearing about dotconf, best of luck with interviews, hope you manage to get an interview with a tog

    1. sNarah says:

      Thank you so much again for the encouragement Dave, I réally appreciate your feedback! Well, I’m trying to organize something photography related, I’ll let you know when it’s published!

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