We’re all going to the DotConf!

Next week I shall be attending the DotConf organized by NCI, in association with the Irish Internet Association. They promised free cake & beer – which sounded very tempting, but they have also ensured an exiting line-up of speakers. I am particularly looking forward to to the talks by Mark Little, journalist and former foreign correspondent for RTE, and Abi Reynolds from NCI who conducts research on e-learning for NELL (National e-Learning Laboratory). I’m also very interested in what Sonia Flynn from Facebook will have to say about the Facebook Platform project – which allows for users to generate their own applications on Facebook.

It’s refreshing to find free events like this, with such a strong line-up, and did I mention free cake and beer? It’s a stark contrast from the so-called “Webinars for all those who matter”, where you pay €250 entrance to sit in an auditorium listening to “very important influencers” and meeting your networking peers over a 3-course business lunch. Initiatives like the DotConf and Damien Mulley’s “Measure it”, which allow for information and interaction by the people, for the people, receive such a warm welcome in the Irish Blogosphere because they are real, not shallow. For once, it’s not about who you know, but about where you want to go and learn a few bits along the way.

I have 3 goals set for myself whilst attending the DotConf:

  1. Learn new technical skills which will improve my knowledge of social media applications and how to optimize them at a professional level.
  2. Hear about interesting (copy)writing techniques to provide better content.
  3. Meet a few of the people I interact with on Twitter and Blogs.

With those fantastic speakers, numéro uno and duo should not be a problem, numéro 3 might be a bit harder. A good few of my photography friends from Boards.ie will also be attending the DotConf, which might lead into a lot of camera-clicking-talk! Networking and all is the key, isn’t it? So, are you attending the event too? Introduce yourself here! Maybe even line out why you are going (minus cake + beer) so we can get to know each other before we are all on our merry way to the NCI!

(One little note on the negative side… I have heard some very disgruntled pirates, who are horribly upset by not being allowed in. Suppose you can’t win it all huh…)

And oh, before I forget: did I mention the kick-ass trailer the DotConf people have created? It has StormTroopers in it! You can never go wrong with StormTroopers!


13 thoughts on “We’re all going to the DotConf!

    1. Ross McLoughlin says:

      I’m going for the Deep Dives in the afternoon, and the talk about “Interacting with Large Data Sets on the Web”. Maybe we’ll see a demo of the Silverlight Pivot Viewer. Oh, and am going along for the launch of the MSc in Web Technologies. Starting it in September. Yippe! 🙂

    2. sNarah says:

      Looking forward to meeting you in person Stephen & Ross! Interested as well to see what exactly the course will entail and how the curriculum will look like.

  1. Emma says:

    Hey SNarah, great blog post, brilliant to see you are looking forward to the conference.

    There is a linkedin group that people might find useful in terms of networking, which you can join here: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=3177849

    It’s also set up as an event on linkedin here:

    In terms of copywriting/content, there’s nothing on the line-up I’m afraid but maybe you will pick up some tips from some of the other attendees!

    All the best
    Emma Henderson, NCI

  2. Emma says:

    We’ve added a deep dive just for you Sarah! Randall Snare and Elizabeth McGuane from iQ Content, an Irish company specialising in web usability, accessibility and content strategy, have confirmed they will deliver a session on ‘Usable Language: How content shapes the user experience’. Hope you enjoy!

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