60 speakers in 60 minutes.

Two days ago the wonderful crowd over at Esus tweeted all the statements from the live broadcast, organised by the Influencers Project. 60 influential speakers, each getting one minute to tell the public what they think is important. So, I had my glass of wine ready and set back behind my laptop, vigorously reading every single tweet, sometimes nodding in agreement, sometimes wondering why I hadn’t thought of that.

I have listed all the notes hereunder – found on Esus Twitter-Feed. (It will also proof that somewhere along the way number 60 went missing!). I have highlighted some of the notes – the ones that stand out for me as very important and which I will try to implement during my own online existence.

  1. Take advantage of your existing benefits: wider network, great content – What is it you have that your competitors don’t?
  2. Have quality 1-2-1 conversations with people, share and contribute. Influence passively, don’t push your agenda / products.
  3. Stop product pushing, become a trusted resource instead.
  4. Find gifted up-comers that need help getting launched. Become an advocate, connect them to others and advocacy will be returned.
  5. Be systematic – follow other successful individuals and build a relationship with them.
  6. Social media should enhance your existing sales, marketing, brand and customer goals rather than as an activity in its own right.
  7. Help others achieve their goals.
  8. Build a community of readers – find thought-provoking topics for people to engage actively in the conversation.
  9. Connect with customers first to find out which social networks they use. Set up alerts for own business to see what’s being said.
  10. Focus on a niche: find main players, see what they focus on and move further down the long tail to become the niche expert.
  11. Listening for the silences as well as the conversations and speak for those people/communities if they need you to do that.
  12. Put your business model first; don’t pursue fame for fame’s sake.
  13. Increased accountability and letting people know what you’re up to makes all the difference.
  14. Learn from mass media – learn to be a story-teller, understand human psychology and have quality content.
  15. Have a place of your own – a blog – to share your thoughts and views.
  16. Who you are and what you bring to the table…think about the authenticity & consistency of your voice.
  17. Build your network of networks.
  18. Listen to the conversations. Start to engage.
  19. Show as many sides of yourself as you can – who/what your business is. This provides more opportunity for connection, action, influence.
  20. Get out of your own space and get active in other people’s space. Spread your influence by being out there.
  21. Think about engaging people (‘our influence’), rather than thinking about ‘my influence’.
  22. Invest more time mapping a strategy of how to integrate social media with other tactics such as email, search etc.
  23. Think about the passion / expertise that you have that can be used to help others.
  24. Find a niche and become the master /owner of it. Start doing webinars to educate others about the niche area you’ve mastered.
  25. Search – make sure your site solves people’s search needs. Understand your audience and what they need.
  26. Move offline – people to people interaction through radio / TV etc and then they will find you online with a purpose.
  27. Repeat your tweets – get about the same amount of click-through each time you tweet. Guy Kawasaki repeats them 4 times.
  28. Your online persona should reflect yourself: get yourself properly interviewed to draw out your bio (get a friend to do this).
  29. Make your product worth talking about – original, inspiring etc.
  30. Talk about things you know. Content is always king, platforms are incidental and change over time.
  31. Make people around you be more interesting than you are. Make people feel good about them selves.
  32. Get on Facebook for work (not only personal page), set up fan page, make welcome tab with video.
  33. To develop influence over other people – talk about them, not about yourself.
  34. It’s not about digital, it’s about people. Let your passion shine. Create meaningful relationships and don’t worry about number of followers.
  35. FB and Twitter : Share good content.
  36. Step outsider the boundaries, break some rules, and write about things outside the norm of business topics / views.
  37. Be passionate about what you’re writing about. Reach out, make contact, make comments, and overcome fear of doing this.
  38. Web video – fastest way to get message out there. Find a good camera, create great content & get it out there.
  39. Be early in the news cycle. Find early voices out in the wilderness and disseminate it early.
  40. Get very good at filtering and aggregating content, & deliver it appropriately. Use social technology to build deeper relationships.
  41. Get offline and meet people in real life. If possible, connect with them in person first. Also introduce them to other people.
  42. Consider using FB ads on profiles of people and geo-location etc. It’s cheaper than press releases.
  43. Follow smart rules re your web content. Give it roots and wings: Ground content in who you are. Allow it to be shared freely.
  44. Complete transparency / honesty is one way. Lying / being nice to everyone is the other way. Pick one of these strategies.
  45. Identify co-makers – others whose audience might be similar to yours but who do not offer your products.
  46. Have a story worth telling.
  47. Just start talking to other people. Don’t worry about trying to be too smart/clever in your tweets, just start talking
  48. Avoid incestuous blogging – don’t stick to small social circle. How can you be a part of wider circles and join in the group.
  49. Social Objects e.g. Darth Vader. Something you have in common with other people’s interest and sharing this content to socialize.
  50. Each month look into 3 digital trends you’ve heard about and find out a bit about them.
  51. Content – Higher Purpose Content Marketing – create cutting edge content. Create employee rock stars to help do this.
  52. Community – make connections with people online and then go and meet them offline. Build genuine relationships.
  53. Social Media – align yourself with great strategic partners, individuals you admire etc.
  54. Follow better people (blogs, twitter etc). The better your input, the better your output.
  55. Know where you’re going. Look at people around you and make it about them, not about yourself.
  56. Be Consistent – this demonstrates commitment to your customers.
  57. Be transparent, share good and not so good stories to build position as thought leader. Be open.
  58. Remove reset/clear form buttons and improve copy on buttons. Make them bigger. Use colour on them.
  59. Stop talking about your prods & services. Create valuable content that solves problems. Google ‘viral marketing’.

So – there you are. (Almost) 60 notes, by people in the know. I found it a very interesting and useful live-conference.

I hope today’s readers feel the same and can put the information to good use!


2 thoughts on “60 speakers in 60 minutes.

  1. miriam says:

    hi Sarah, glad you found the note from the ’60 in60…’ session of use, and thanks for linking to our twitter account. We at esus are also quite new to Twitter and learning as we go how best to use it for work and otherwise!

    Hope to meet you at the dot.conf tomorrow. I think the idea of your blog is great.

    1. sNarah says:

      Hi Miriam! Thanks for dropping by! Well, I thought the notes were very interesting and was following all of it on your Twitterfeed that evening! And I find it important and a matter of courtesy to link back to where it came from!

      Thanks so much for the compliment (*blushes*) and see you at the DotConf (I’ll be wearing Black & White Polka dotted shoes so do come and say hello!)

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