Brand Identity & Digital Marketing Strategy

There is no such thing as a social media strategy without proper brand identity. If you think you can make a quick buck through social networks – think again, read up on publications and start all over again. Before you do anything, ensure you have a clear image of what your company stands for. You wouldn’t start a printed campaign without clear statements and proper preparation, and the same applies to any marketing strategy, be it print, TV, radio or online publishing.

Once you have established your brand identity, you can move on towards choosing the right medium for your marketing campaign. Keep in mind that combining different media usually has the best results and that every medium has its pro’s and cons. As for your online presence, keep everything consistent. Your Facebook page, your Twitter account, your website. Use the same logo and tone. Link everything back to appropriate landing pages on the main website. The most important thing – and I cannot stress this enough – is to come across in the same manner on every single channel you use, be consistent!

Now – back to Social Marketing Strategies. This delightful infograph – found on Social Media Graphics and compiled by Forrester Research –  provides an excellent insight into how to use all the channels to their full potential. I would suggest printing it and keeping it close to hand, as it summarizes all the main points in a very clear and short fashion.

Social Media Strategy
So, have a look at the diagram and begin at the start. Be present online (create a website, blog, Facebook page, etc.) and have your potential clients discover you and your products. From there, ensure there is content to be explored by this potential customer, like blog posts, twitter links, video content and a very clear explanation of what you do/sell and what you stand for. Once they are appealed by your brand, they will consider buying your products or endorse your service, by, for instance blogging about your product or retweeting your Twitter messages. After you have secured this relationship with your readers, allow for interaction – engage with them – by providing a section for feedback, have an active twitter feed which communicates with customers when required. On another, very important note, don’t be afraid to show negative feedback, incorporate it in your communication strategy and show how you, as a company, will resolve the issue and publish the results. Nobody likes bad customer service and secrets.

Completing this full circle is a method that requires your full attention if you wish to succeed in your digital marketing campaign. It needs to be integrated into your general marketing strategy and be consistent throughout. It will take persistence and time, but it will be worth the effort. It is not an instant change but a slow, detailed process – which in the end will be rewarding.

If you feel that you or your employees are not up to the challenge, hire a professional. You would do that for your print advertising, so why not outsource your digital strategy? Include this cost into your marketing budget to gain optimal results. There are many Irish companies providing excellent services – which will get you and your company on the right track. If needed I can point you in the right direction – I choose not to publish my recommendations in this post as I fear I might forget some wonderful companies. Also, if any of the Irish online PR crowd are reading this, do leave a wee note in the comment section to let potential readers know about your services, it can only help both of you!


2 thoughts on “Brand Identity & Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. womanespace says:

    I totally agree with everything put forward in this post.

    Especially your point about negative reactions. I feel this is often forgotten, although it’s of the same importance as all the positive feedback you’ll be getting.
    Responding, owning up to your mistakes and especially listening to your clients is the way to go there. Bad feedback can be turned into good pr, it’s an oportunity brands don’t always see.

    How United Airlines handles bad reputation online:

  2. Tina says:

    Hi there,

    The thing with social media, is that it’s far to easy to adopt and requires no technical expertise. This means that’s it’s open to absolutely everyone….which is great in one sense, but also means that those driving the public image are not neccesarily the ones ‘selling’ or ‘marketing’ the company.
    Another negative is that it’s transparent and any negative feedback is there for all to see. It’s also instant, so closing the door once the horse has bolted will make no difference.

    I applaud you on some fantastic advice. Interaction and engagement is key to forging relationships. It takes time, thought and commitment; something many businesses don’t have unfortunately. Thats why the time they do spend on social media channels has to count.

    I’ll stop there before I take up too much space ….. but I will forward this on. Tks for the read.

    Tina (CG_OnlineM)

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