Online Marketing on Facebook – The Free Way.

Facebook. Hate it or love it. Whatever your view on it, the advantages from a marketing point of view cannot be ignored. By now, Facebook tops the social networks and has many options to pimp your product/service.

The advantages include:

– Reach your target group through a medium they are familiar with.

– Ease of access in regards to sharing your advertising media – photographs, video’s, links.

– Free and paid advertising services available.

In this post, I am going to concentrate on the free marketing aspect of Facebook – I will elaborate about paid options later.

What absolutely baffles me is how little companies or individuals market their services and products through Facebook. It’s free for crying aloud! I have noticed first hand how companies create a fan page to advertise their products and/or services and think they achieved a fantastic effort. Uh no. Creating a fan page is like putting up a flyer in your own shop, hidden behind the counter. Nobody will see it. Just the mere aspect of having that page is not going to do anything – you need to get the page out there and interact with your public.

I will use the magnificent Lomography crowd on how to use Facebook to full potential as they have it down to a fine art.

Firstly, after creating your fan page/profile, invite people to join or like your page. They will not find it by themselves, unless you are a very very well known brand. After that, think of novel ways of how you can make those followers suggest you to their friends and therefore further increasing your fan base.

Lomography - Coupon Mania

The Lomo-guys promised coupon treats when they reached 100.000 fans, so asked their followers to “suggest to friends”. A good incentive? Definitely.

Did they keep their promise? Yes, they did:

Lomography - Coupon Promise

Secondly, ensure that your page has something to offer to your followers – make it interesting for them to click on your page and like it. Reward me, your follower (read: potential client) for “liking” or joining your page. If you do not keep me interested, I will hide your updates or even “unlike” your page. “But how?” you ask? Well, use your status updates for things that might appeal to me: discounts, free shipping, new products, special events.

Some Examples:

Lomography - Free Shipping Offer
Lomography - New Mystery Product
Lomography - Free Product

So, after all that, you are now ready to rock the World of Facebook with your very own page. A few final notes to ensure you will keep that flow going: Keep ALL content on the page related to your product/service. Nobody needs to know about your dog, children, colleagues, etc. A personal touch is always nice – if, and only, if – it contributes to your product (i.e. photographic services and creative arts).

Only use status updates to share interesting information. Do not update your status just for the sake of it. If it does not interest me – I will regard all your updates as annoying and overload. Which means I will unlike your page and you can no longer subconsciously convince me that, actually, I do réally need to buy a new “whatever it is you sell thingie-ma-thingie”.

Facebook is a wonderful, cheap tool for online marketing – use it wisely and profoundly. Once you have achieved this, you can move on to paid advertising on Facebook, which I will elaborate on in future posts.

Any thought, comments? Please share them underneath!


3 thoughts on “Online Marketing on Facebook – The Free Way.

  1. Tommy says:

    Nice post sNarah – and a great start to the blog/site. Well done.

    The only thing i’m thinking having read it, is that lets say you are a startup widget production/sales company trying to sell those widgets, then you will need to use at least some traditional means to attract your initial ‘fans’ – for example, an email contact list having been compiled through hard grafting and cold calling to get their email addresses (obviously adhering to the data protection applicable laws). I think then once you’ve an initial ‘fan’ base, what you write above kicks in and a domino effect will happen – friends of friends kinda thing. Chicken/egg I guess.

    But all things considered, if your organisation has marketing people, then they should be using facebook (and the deluge of other social media) as a two way communication tool.

    A suggestion for a future blog post (if I may) – to continue on the ‘free’ theme; what are the best/most useful social media tools for business (i’m thinking the facebooks, the twitters, the issuu’s, the youtubes, google apps) and maybe some of the less known one that can and are really useful.

    Anyhow, a great start for you – good luck with it.

    1. sNarah says:

      Tommy – Thank you very much for your comment. I have taken good note of your feedback and will use them in future posts. Thanks for stopping by!

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