Compulsory Introduction

Welcome to my little home on the WorldWideWeb.

My name is Sarah Vanden Broeck – but you can call me sNarah.This week I decided it is time for change and this page should kick-off my cunning plan. A cunning plan, you say? Why yes indeed!

You see – I like the internet. Some people would go as far as saying I might be addicted to the internet. Tss. obviously that is a blatant lie! I only tweet, Facebook, read forums and blogs… uh… hang on… Right, well, I admit, I am a webjunkie.

The web just has so many wonderful and exciting opportunities, which I like to talk about. A lot. Hell – if it was up to me, I’d be working for the internet. Alas, last time I checked, nobody seems to be the boss around here. So, I am going to endeavour in the delights of the web and talk about it, on the web, a lot.

If you would now please click on my “About” section – it will explain this little cunning plan I have.


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